General Meeting Minutes
Last Updated: 09/04/19

August 13, 2019

CALL TO ORDER:  by Janett Downes at 1:02pm. 

President Janett Downes
VP Major Tournaments Karen Brauer
Treasurer Joyce Ritchie
Weekly Tournaments Terry Russell - absent
Membership Sumerlee Hodgson
Handicap Jane Curley
Secretary Pat Gallagher

SCGA/WPLGA Janett Downes
Birdies Carol Harrison - absent
Chip-Ins/Sandys Angie Coates
Ringer Tammy Parton
Social Sue Johnson
Rules Pat Gallagher
Webmaster Judy Turco
Parliamentarian Pat Pipher

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Minutes from last general meeting were approved as written.

Treasurer:  Joyce Ritchie
  • $3,244.79 as of end of July.
VP/Major Tournaments:  Karen Brauer
  • Trophies are back and engraved from the last tournament.
Weekly Tournaments:  Terry Russell - absent
  • Karen Brauer reported in Terry's absence.  Collected $132 and will be paying out $132 for games played in July.
Membership:  Sumerlee Hodgson  - no new members
Handicap:  Jane Curley
  • Keep posting as usual.  You must complete at least 13 holes in order to post an 18 hole score.  Score recorded for unplayed holes will be according to equitable score, par plus strokes on that hole. 

WPLGA/SDCWGA:  Janett Downes
  • County and Publinks events all posted, emailed and posted on the website.
Birdies:  Carole Harrison - absent
Chip-Ins/Sandys:  Angie Coates - no report
Ringer:  Tammy Parton - no report
Social:  Sue Johnson
  • Closest to the pin was Sumerlee.  RJ's no longer does lunches so she will be trying to find a place for the Christmas luncheon.
Rules:  Pat Gallagher - no report 
  • Question on whether you can fix the cup prior to everyone putting.  Judy looked it up and found out that yes, you can fix any damage to the green or cup at any time.  Other question was can we take a rake in the bunker with us and yes, you can as long as you don't improve your lie.
Webmaster:  Judy Turco - no report
Parliamentarian:  Pat Pipher - no report

  • Occasional Travel to other courses:  Pat Gallagher has been researching courses that we can travel to on a monthly basis.  Courses that the board wants to run the next few months are Cross Creek, Seven Hills and Soboba Springs.  We will try to have these once a month away days on Tuesday.  We will be going to Cross Creek on the 27th of this month for our first "Away Day" with a shot gun start of 8:30.  It was decided that you may bring a guest to this play day.  Please make sure to get your guest information to Sue Johnson who is handling the game this month.
  • Course Rating/re-rating:  Still waiting for the reschedule of the course rating.
  • SB & R Update

  • Nominating Committee:  Joyce Cramer and Karen Brauer along with Pat Pipher will constitute the nominating committee.  Sumerlee moved that we accept the Nominating Committee as announced.  Motion was seconded by Jane Curley and approved.
  • 50/50:  Angie $11, Sumerlee $12.

  Meeting adjourned at 1:24pm.

Pat Gallagher

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