General Meeting Minutes
Last Updated: 10/31/19

October 15, 2019

CALL TO ORDER:  by Janett Downes at 1:05 pm. 

President Janett Downes
VP Major Tournaments Karen Brauer
Treasurer Joyce Ritchie
Weekly Tournaments Terry Russell
Membership Sumerlee Hodgson
Handicap Jane Curley- absent
Secretary Pat Gallagher

SCGA/WPLGA Janett Downes
Birdies Carol Harrison - absent
Chip-Ins/Sandys Angie Coates - absent
Ringer Tammy Parton
Social Sue Johnson
Rules Pat Gallagher
Webmaster Judy Turco - absent
Parliamentarian Pat Pipher - absent


Treasurer:  Joyce Ritchie
  • End of August account balance was $3,267.79.  At the end of September, balance was $3,251.63.  Full accounting balance sheet attached to October board meeting minutes.
VP/Major Tournaments:  Karen Brauer
  • Better Ball of Partners is coming up on November 12th and 19th.  It will be a $15 buy-in per person and there is a 10 stroke differential in handicap for this tournament.
Weekly Tournaments:  Terry Russell
  • Terry took in and paid out $148 for September.  Pat Gallagher won closest to the pin today.
Membership:  Sumerlee Hodgson 
  • Currently collecting 2020 membership commitments. 
Handicap:  Jane Curley - absent

WPLGA/SDCWGA:  Janett Downes
  • All upcoming events have been posted in the restroom and on the website and/or emailed to the membership.
SB & R:  Pat Pipher
  • Berta will be taking over for Pat Pipher as the rep for SB&R.  Next play day is Paradise Knolls in October 24th.  Christmas luncheon is the next one on December 5th at Canyon Lake.
Birdies:  Carole Harrison - absent
Chip-Ins/Sandys:  Angie Coates - no report
Ringer:  Tammy Parton
  • Passed out last quarter results.
Social:  Sue Johnson
  • Sue has secured RJ's again for our Christmas Luncheon on December 10th.
Rules:  Pat Gallagher
  • SCGA was very helpful while I was out on the course with them.  They confirmed that we are dealing with local rules extremely well as compared with many other clubs.
Webmaster:  Judy Turco - no report
Parliamentarian:  Pat Pipher - absent

  • Play Away days:  Pat Gallagher will be securing Soboba Springs on November 26th.
  • Course Rating Update:  Done yesterday, results should be out within the next month with a report as to yes or no on a change in rating.  Our guess is that it MAY end up going back up two or three strokes but not all the way back up to 130 or more.
  • SB&R:  Addressed above under committee reports.

  • Nominating Committee:  2020 proposed slate is posted on the website.
  • World Handicapping System:  Still holding seminars to educate our handicap person as to upcoming changes.  As in the rules change last year, this will be a MAJOR change in how we handle equitable stroke posting.  More explanation coming after Jane attends the seminar.
  • WPLGA Team Play 2020:  Will we be putting one or two teams into WPLGA team play in 2020.  Lots of discussion but the decision to send in the team fee needs to be made within the next weeks.  Motion was made by Karen B. and seconded by Joyce R. to submit our entry fee to WPLGA for team play.  If we cannot field a team we can request a refund later.  Motion passed.  Tracie Everett sent me an email with the request from Canyon Crest rep regarding team play with CC and Silver Lake CC.  Membership was not interested in travelling to Silver Lake CC.
  • Fall Basket Raffle:  $140 taken in for this raffle.  Fall raffle for the gift basket was held and Linda Hansen won the basket.  We may or may not have another for the Christmas party.  Stay tuned. 

  Meeting adjourned at 2:05 pm.

Pat Gallagher