General Meeting Minutes
Last Updated: 09/19/20


CALL TO ORDER:  by Janett Downes at 12:58 pm. 

President Janett Downes
VP Major Tournaments Pat Candelaria 
Treasurer Rosa Castillo-Fowler
Weekly Tournaments Pat Pipher - absent
Membership Sue Johnson
Handicap Jane Curley 
Secretary Pat Gallagher 

SCGA/WPLGA Janett Downes
Birdies Carol Harrison - absent
Chip-Ins/Sandys Angie Coates  
Ringer Tammy Parton 
Social Linda Hansen  
Rules Pat Gallagher 
Webmaster Judy Turco 
Parliamentarian Pat Pipher - absent

  • Minutes from the last meeting approved as posted.

Treasurer:  Rosa Castillo-Fowler 
  • Ending balance as of July 31, 2020 is $3,708.49. After expenses and deposits, the ending balance on August 31, 2020 was $3,363.61. 
VP/Major Tournaments:  Pat Candelaria 
  • Final report from the Summer Classic has been posted on the web site.  The next major tournament will be the Better Ball of Partners on November 10th and 17th.
Weekly Tournaments:  Pat Pipher - absent
Membership:  Sue Johnson - Will start renewals in October.
Handicap:  Jane Curley - everything is going okay.  No report

WPLGA/SDCWGA:  Janett Downes
  • Women events are still getting late cancellations but new events are being posted on the web site and via email from Janett for both organizations.  Publinks championship is coming up on October 19th and 20th to be played at Coyote Hills.
SB & R:  Berta Pinon
  • SB&R cancelled the remainder of 2020 events.  Stay tuned.
Birdies:  Carole Harrison - absent
Chip-Ins/Sandys:  Angie Coates - no report
Ringer:  Tammy Parton -no report.
Social:  Linda Hansen 
  • Linda is attempting to hold our annual Christmas Party at RJ's Steak House, however with COVID current restrictions and future restrictions up in the air, they are not yet willing to commit to locking in a reservation for the patio as right now it is the only seating they have available for all guests.
Rules:  Pat Gallagher - no report
Webmaster:  Judy Turco - no report
Parliamentarian:  Pat Pipher - absent
  • Nominating Committee update:  Delayed until after a decision has been made as to our future club organization.
  • Club Direction:  Judy Turco made a presentation regarding the predicament of the club in the near future due to the attrition of our membership and what it takes to run a large club operation.  We are currently at 20 - 21 members with a number of unknowns as to how many would be rejoining.  Our current board plus committee members that run our club is at 16 positions divided between 13 people, several of who already wear multiple hats.  It becomes more and more challenging to find a working body of governance for our club as we continue to shrink in numbers and participation.  We have lost 23 members since 2015 and continue to struggle to bring new members in.  Due to these circumstances the board has discussed several options regarding the future club operations and will continue to discuss until we reach a reasonable solution.
    • Option 1:  Continue the club as is.
    • Option 2:  Dissolve the current club, refunding all monies that would be left over to the current membership.  There are provisions for this in our by-laws thanks to Judy Turco and her board when we made the choice to move from Temeku to SCGA years ago.  Everything was organized and put into the bylaws to make sure that we had no issues if we had to make this decision in the future again.
    • Option 3:  Become as SCGA Affiliate Club.  No club dues, minimum of 10 active members, two points of contact (Handicap and one other).
    • Option 4:  Scale down the club configurations to a MUCH more easily managed casual club.  We would continue our play days as we do currently.  No more club tournaments, outings or luncheons.  The Club would become a mere skeleton of itself without the need for committee members for the most part and just a handful of an organizing body.  We would try to maintain WPLGA and SB&R affiliations.
  • Many questions asked and answered by Judy as to what each of these scenarios would look like, but the bottom line is that we will not really know until we study the options.  Janett is forming a task force to discuss these options and the board will make the decision and vote on it at the next board meeting.  The members will be informed at the next general meeting about how the club will be structured going into 2021.
ADJOURNMENT:  Meeting adjourned at 1:55 pm.

Pat Gallagher

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