Information for New Members
Last Updated: 06/28/20


The following information describes different events or games members may participate in on a weekly or quarterly basis.


A game is played each week.  Check in begins one hour before start time and will be completed no later than 30 minutes prior to start time.  A fee will be collected for prize money for that day's game.  At the conclusion of play, the Tournament Chair will determine winners and post the results on the TVWGC website.  The cash/script for the winners will be handed out at TVWGC monthly general meetings.  Players must post their own Chip-ins, Birdies, and Sandys, with verification from one of their foursome, on the bulletin board in the Ladies Lounge. 

NOTE:  (for a small group - 2 to 5 players)
1)  If there are only 2-5 members playing on a regularly scheduled Tuesday play day, there will be no formal game.  The players will decide among themselves whether or not to play a game.  If a game is chosen, the collection and disbursement of funds will be completed at the end of the round, between the members playing.  If the players decide to have a closest to the pin, they need to agree upon a hole, collect and disburse any winnings.
2)  Three (3) course cards should be maintained and labeled as game, handicap and ringer.  All three (3) dated and signed cards should be left in the white cabinet in the ladies room.
3)  The play day will count as "Games Played" for club purposes.  Scores should be posted in the GHIN system in the normal manner.  The scores will be eligible for all side games (BIRDIES, SANDYS, CHIP-INS, RINGER, and HOLE-IN-ONE) but still need to be listed on the appropriate form and witnessed.


  • Members are encouraged to invite guests to market our club and grow our membership. 
  • Guests are allowed to play five times within the calendar year.  Their placement in the line-up will be at the discretion of the TVWGC Monthly Coordinator.  A member must contact the TVWGC Monthly Coordinator prior to bringing a guest. 
  • Members must play with at least one other member in order to compete in the weekly tournament. 
  • Guests may not compete in weekly sweeps, side pots or major events.

Sign up online on the TVWGC website for weekly game/tournament.  Members are requested to sign up or cancel by the Sunday prior to Tuesday play day.  This allows monthly coordinators sufficient time to set up foursomes for the weekly game.  You may email the Monthly Coordinator to add or remove your name from the weekly game.  If a member who has signed up to play finds it necessary to cancel, she will be responsible for immediately notifying the TVWGC Monthly Coordinator (or the Pro Shop if applicable). On the day of play ONLY, members must call the Pro Shop to cancel. Even if you think there will be a delay in start of play . . . YOU MUST CHECK IN ON TIME!


All active TVWGC members are eligible to participate in the Hole-in-One game.  Any active member that gets a hole-in-one, while participating  in play on a TVWGC play day at TVWGC home course will receive $100 paid from the TVWGC Hole-in-One fund.

The member that has improved her index the most will be recognized at the end of the year.


This game rewards and encourages good golf. 

The birdie pot is played over three months (quarterly). 

The entry fee for the birdie pot is $5.00 per quarter or $20.00 per year. 

Each player, participating in this game, who makes a "natural" birdie during the quarter, is responsible for posting each occurrence on the bulletin board in the ladies lounge.

Participants will be paid by the number of Birdies made during each quarter and the Birdies must occur on a regular play day of TVWGC.

The person with the most Birdies in that quarter will receive a $5.00 bonus (off the top of existing pot).  The amount of funds collected for the quarter will determine the amount of monies paid.  The payout per occurrence will be equal to the total pot (less the $5.00 bonus) divided by the number of occurrences for the quarter.

All members are eligible to play

An entry fee of $5.00 per quarter or $20.00 per year will be collected.

A sandy is defined as hitting out of a greenside bunker and holing the next stroke (it is NOT required that you par the hole).  

Chip-ins/Sandys will be paid out by the number of chip-ins/sandys a player makes during each quarter and the chip-in/sandy must occur on a regular play day of TVWGC.

The person with the most chip-ins/sandys in that quarter will receive a $5.00 bonus (off the top of existing pot).  The amount of funds collected for the quarter will determine the amount of monies paid out.

All members with an established handicap are eligible to play.

The ringer is a game played over three months (quarterly).

The entry fee for the ringer is $5.00 per quarter or $20.00 per year.

Your handicap for the first month of the quarter will be used for that quarter's ringer. 

The Ringer Chair keeps a record of each game played during the quarter.

Your lowest gross/net score for each hole will determine your score at the end of each quarter.

Winners are paid by flight.

All members are eligible to play.

An entry fee of one dollar will be collected each play day at the sign in table.

Members may select the option of "being on in one stroke (handicaps 25 and below) or two strokes (handicaps 26 and above).

Monies will be awarded in each category on the designated par 3 hole for that play day.  If no one made the green, monies are carried over to the next play day.

Revised:  6/16/2020