General Meeting Minutes
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April 9, 2019

CALL TO ORDER:  by Janett Downes at 1:03pm. 

President Janett Downes
VP Major Tournaments Karen Brauer
Treasurer Joyce Ritchie
Weekly Tournaments Terry Russell
Membership Sumerlee Hodgson ( absent)
Handicap Jane Curley
Secretary Pat Gallagher

SCGA/WPLGA Janett Downes
Birdies Carol Harrison
Chip-Ins/Sandys Angie Coates (absent)
Ringer Tammy Parton
Social Sue Johnson
Rules Pat Gallagher
Webmaster Judy Turco
Parliamentarian Pat Pipher (absent)

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Minutes approved as corrected with the amount of the fundraiser raffles being adjusted to:  First raffle generated $91 and second generated $183.

Treasurer:  Joyce Ritchie
  • Joyce made correction to the amount reported from the fundraiser raffles as:  First raffle generated $91 and second generated $183.  Budget balance is $3,561.17.
  • The tournament of Champions is the SCGA tournament that replaces the Masters.  Right now there is $120 in the budget for the club to send players to this tournament.
VP/Major Tournaments:  Karen Brauer
  • Karen collected $210 entry fees from the players plus $5 X 14 from the club budget for the Championship and the budget for the payout of $280.  Karen started to explain what the payouts would be but Judy Turco suggested that this discussion be done with the board rather than the general membership.
  • Pat C. wants to see the club add funds to Club Championship rather than paying for luncheon - suggested for board meeting discussion.  Joyce Ritchie stated that the general fund is running low which is why we are doing the fundraisers.
Weekly Tournaments:  Terry Russell
  • Terry collected and paid out $218 for March.  
  • Rain out notification will be voted on and become part of the existing portion of the Standing Rules regarding rain outs.  Motion by Karen Brauer to add this policy to the Standing Rules.  Seconded by Sue Johnson.  Voted and passed by general Membership
Membership:  Sumerlee Hodgson - no report
Handicap:  Jane Curley - no report

WPLGA/SDCWGA:  Janett Downes
  • All upcoming events and news bulletins have been posted on the board and the website. 
Birdies:  Carole Harrison
  • Tracie Everett was paid for most birdies last month.
Chip-Ins/Sandys:  Angie Coates (absent)
Ringer:  Tammy Parton
  • Paying out first quarter is almost complete.
Social:  Sue Johnson
  • Luncheon is on the new patio at Rodrigo's.
Rules:  Pat Gallagher - no report
Webmaster:  Judy Turco - no report
Parliamentarian:  Pat Pipher - absent


Team Play:  B team played last match yesterday and lost overall net win by 10.5 points.  A Team has one more match against the leading team.
Publinks Play Day:  May 9th, Publinks is hosting a ply day at Rancho.  Joyce Ritchie and Pat Pipher will be helping out in Janett's absence.

SB&R Participation:  Guest Speaker and president of SB & R Ura Furry came to tell our membership that we are invited to join their regional group of nine golf courses in the Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.  The organization hosts a play day on the third Thursday of each month on a rotation schedule for each club hosting one of these play days.  The club membership dues are $25 to join and each member within each of the membership clubs will pay $15 in dues for the year.  Individuals compete for points in both net and gross competitions each month.  At the end of the quarter, the points convert to cash.  The end of the year in October they play for individual annual winners.  Right now they do not play in August or November and in December they play the first Thursday.  There are 120 individual members and they average 75 players per SB & R play day.  Cost of a play day per individual includes green fees, lunch and $3.  Clubs are:  Cherry Hills, Moreno Valley, Paradise Knolls, Jurupa Hills, Seven Hills, Canyon Lake, Menifee Lakes, Colony and Glen Ivy.
Play days are mixed foursomes as A, B, C, D.  Shotgun start at 8:00.  All individual play except December which is two best ball of the foursome. 
Ura also asked if we would be interested in their invitational tournament in May at Canyon Lakes (her home course).
50/50:  $42 collected in 50/50.  $21 to Treasury and 3 prizes of $7 each will be raffled off.  Winners were Sue Johnson, Sue Johnson and Terry Russell.

  Meeting adjourned at 1:52pm.

Pat Gallagher