General Meeting Minutes
Last Updated: 01/21/19

January 15, 2019

CALL TO ORDER:  President, Janett Downes called the meeting to order at 8:43 am in the grill room at the Golf Club at Rancho California in Murrieta.  Meeting is early due to canceled play day - rain out.

President Janett Downes
VP Major Tournaments Karen Brauer
Treasurer Joyce Ritchie
Weekly Tournaments Terry Russell - absent
Membership Sumerlee Hodgson
Handicap Jane Curley
Secretary Pat Gallagher

SCGA/WPLGA Janett Downes
Birdies Carol Harrison
Chip-Ins/Sandys Angie Coates
Ringer Tammy Parton
Social Sue Johnson
Rules Pat Gallagher
Webmaster Judy Turco
Parliamentarian Pat Pipher

  President, Janett Downes, asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the December 2018 general meeting.  Seconded and approved without change.

Treasurer:  Joyce Ritchie
  • Joyce reported balance as of end November is $5,132.24.  After December expenses, balance is $4,621.00.
  • Motion made to approve the purchase of envelopes/supplies for table people to collect and disperse funds.  Motion was made and seconded and approved without further discussion.
VP/Major Tournaments:  Karen Brauer
  • Report on three majors on calendar for the 2019 calendar year.  Club Championship - April 16, 23 & 30 tentative dates are scheduled unless golf course maintenance requires a change.  Summer Classic (two day tournament) July 9 & 16 and Better Ball of Partners scheduled for November 12 & 19.
  • Karen clarified that during major tournaments, the "master" card is the tournament card and the final score for posting.  If the handicap card does not match the tournament card, it will be changed to correct any discrepancies between the two cards.  Prior to signing and turning in the tournament card, players are responsible for ensuring the hole by hole scores are correct.  Players are not responsible for any addition errors.
Weekly Tournaments:  Terry Russell (absent) - report given by Janett Downes
  • Monies have been paid out to date.  Terry is not feeling well.
Membership:  Sumerlee Hodgson
  • 28 members going into 2019.
Handicap:  Jane Curley
  • Everyone is posting and posting correctly.

WPLGA/SDCWGA:  Janett Downes
  • All upcoming events are posted on the board and website.
Birdies:  Carole Harrison
  • The big winner for the entire year was Pat Gallagher with $51, Judy Turco came in second.
Chip-Ins/Sandys:  Angie Coates
  • Big winner for the last quarter was Sumerlee Hodgson.
Ringer:  Tammy Parton
  • All participants have been paid out for 2018.  Collecting funds for participation in 2019.
Social:  Sue Johnson - no report
Rules:  Pat Gallagher - no report
Webmaster:  Judy Turco - no report
Parliamentarian:  Pat Pipher - no report

WPLGA Team Play:  Team A - 10 players, captain Rosa Castillo-Fowler.  Team B - 10 players, captain Pat Pipher.  Don't know yet where either team is playing but matches will begin in March and will run on Mondays and finish in April.  We should know more by mid Feb.

Fundraiser Committee:  Berta and Kim will take the lead on the fundraisers for 2019.
Play Day next week:  There is an "alternate" play day for the 22nd of January because Rancho will be busy with another tournament and the locations will be Soboba as per our new course manager, Brandon.  Please arrive by 7:30 as we will be shot gun start at 8:00.  The cost will be $45.  There is no food available for the AM.  There will be side pots available at the course.  After golf we will be celebrating Char Thielen's birthday.
2019 Calendar:  The calendar has been set up and Karen will be coordinating all the corrections with Judy Turco who will then post it on the website.
50/50:  $68 collected, $34 to be paid out:  Janett Downes ($11), Tammy Parton ($11) and Angie Coates ($12).

  Meeting adjourned at 9:20 AM.

Pat Gallaher