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Good morning Ladies!!!
For those of you that want to participate (totally optional) we are going to do a fun Xmas gift exchange that we will do at RJ's sizzling steer on December 13th. The way it works is you send me initials of a gift that you would like, I will email you back and give you another persons initials and you will try and figure out what it is they want... it will be a $15 dollar limit..... for example, let's say I wanted Nike Golf Balls... I would email N.G.B....email me your initials only if you want to participate....the deadline is December 1st, I will then send everyone in secret the gal they are to buy for...thanks and have a great Thanksgiving!
Teresa Browne
Judy Haynie   Nanette Seman
Tammy Parton   Sandra Houston
Pat Gallagher   Karen Brauer
Sherry Lamb   Ruth Labrum
Joy Kordakis   Pat Piper
Judy Turco   Sandy McElhenney
Kay Church   Joyce Ritchie
Terry Russell   Nancy Conte
Janett Downes   Carole Harrison
Linda Hansen   Sue Johnson
Jane Curley   Sancy Mac
Pat Candelaria    


1.  When you are in a bunker, is it a penalty to use your hands to remove loose impediments or touch sand or move an impediment on your backswing?

2.  If you are searching for a ball in the bunker, are you allowed to move sand or other loose impediments covering the ball?

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